• Meet the Maker: Ben Hellewell
    Bangalow-based sculptor Ben Hellewell recently wrapped his first solo exhibition, Where Movement and Stillness Collide. Created mostly from assembled driftwood, it’s a body of work that represents the deeply personal… Read more: Meet the Maker: Ben Hellewell
  • Living with snakes
    Snakes are active in the Byron Shire throughout the warmer months, and it’s important to be aware of what species are around and what to do if you see one,… Read more: Living with snakes
  • A dream to farm
    It’s a formidable undertaking to buy a 120-acre farm in a totally new location, and to set out to create an entirely new business venture. What’s needed is tenacity, endurance,… Read more: A dream to farm
  • Dispensing hope
    Long time Bangalow resident, Jit Chong, is a community pharmacist. In September, he opened The Little Dispensary in Brunswick Heads. It is one of very few pharmacies between Coffs Harbour… Read more: Dispensing hope
  • Golden days – 50 years of Abracadabra
    The story of how Abracadabra came to be, 50 years ago this year, paints a picture of a very different time in an almost unrecognisable place. “Terminal to trendy,” laughs… Read more: Golden days – 50 years of Abracadabra
  • Singing your heart out
    Melia Naughton is a busy woman. She sings, acts, composes and plays music. Melia has her finger in many creative pies around the Shire. Here she tells Lyn McCarthy all… Read more: Singing your heart out
  • Parklife
    Christobel Munson goes deep into the features and facilities of the unique green oasis, Bangalow Parklands. The year 2023 has brought new life and energy into the precinct currently known… Read more: Parklife
  • Voicing your opinion
    In the September edition of the Herald, I asked the community if anyone wanted to share their reasons for voting No in the Voice referendum for potential publication. The conditions… Read more: Voicing your opinion
  • Delvene goes wild
    “I have no other reason to be here, other than I care about the viability of Australia’s wildlife,” says Coorabell resident Delvene Delaney, who’s in the middle of one of… Read more: Delvene goes wild
  • The Buttery: 50 years of saving lives
    Digby Hildreth reports on the anniversary of ‘the rehab up the road’.
  • Land lovers: the rise of regenerative agriculture
    Dave Eastwell manages farms at Possum Creek. A motor mechanic by trade with a broad range of skills, he can fix and repair things. He’s got a good seat on… Read more: Land lovers: the rise of regenerative agriculture
  • Local medics in Fiji
    Helping others is a privilege in both senses of the word. It’s an honour and a gift, but often to assist others, we must be privileged, that is, more well-off… Read more: Local medics in Fiji
  • Hollywood comes to town
    Bangalow is set to shine on the big screen in a new film starring Australian actress Radha Mitchell, writes Angela Saurine.
  • Floribundant
    The Shire’s long-established culture of farmers’ markets, along with our proximity to the agricultural sector, make eating locally and seasonally relatively inherent. But even the most urban city-dweller can be… Read more: Floribundant
  • Aldi or Audi?
    In our April issue we reported that both Bangalow and the 2479 postcode grew a lot between 2016 and 2021 – both population and houses. In this article Jenny Bird looks at income – did we grow richer as well as bigger?
  • Is Bangalow set to get bigger?
    The Northern Rivers Reconstruction Commission (NRRC) has released its draft Northern Rivers Resilient Lands Strategy, and it has big implications for Bangalow. In the short term, it is proposing a… Read more: Is Bangalow set to get bigger?
  • The Joy of Bin Boy
    When you think about it, rubbish bins are an essential part of life. Humans are consumers of products that create waste. Where would we be without our red bin, green… Read more: The Joy of Bin Boy
  • Brushing up on memories
    Life is short but art is long’ could be a motto for the latest collection of works from local artist Hilary Herrmann, on exhibition at the Tweed Regional Gallery from… Read more: Brushing up on memories
  • Sound and vision splendid
    From the sublime to the seemingly ridiculous, from Beethoven’s transcendent ‘Moonlight’ Sonata to the sight of a man making an instrument out of a carrot – and playing it –… Read more: Sound and vision splendid
  • Bangalow Billycart Derby 2023
    All the thrills and spills of the day captured by Lyn McCarthy – Niche Pictures Bangalow Lions Club thanks all of our sponsors, supporters, volunteers and Bangalow families and community… Read more: Bangalow Billycart Derby 2023
  • ‘Hubcap’ Stan
    “I got this reputation And everybody knows my name I was born to play the guitar I got the blues running through my veins.” (Buddy Guy, Born to Play the… Read more: ‘Hubcap’ Stan
  • A Voice to parliament
    Later this year, Australians will have their say in a referendum to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution through a ‘First Nations Voice.’ A referendum is… Read more: A Voice to parliament
  • Creating a Bush Tucker Food Forest
    Towards the north-eastern end of her rural community title lot is a paddock that’s remained unutilised since the construction of her home in 2006. Not wanting to have it mowed… Read more: Creating a Bush Tucker Food Forest
  • Tropical Soda Apple
    One of my annoying mantras oft repeated: “weeds are just plants growing where you don’t want them to grow!” but this does not apply to Solanum viarum aka Soda Apple.… Read more: Tropical Soda Apple
  • Boy, have we grown
    This, the second in the Herald’s Census 2021 series, analyses data on population and housing collected by the ABS on the 10 August 2021. At the time most Australians were… Read more: Boy, have we grown
  • Environmental artist: John Dahlsen
    For the past month and into April, Ninbella gallery on Bangalow’s main street has displayed works by Byron Shire environmental artist, John Dahlsen. Here, John talks with Christobel Munson about… Read more: Environmental artist: John Dahlsen
  • Sharing and repairing: radical acts
    Christobel Munson explores the convenient treasures of The Library of Stuff, where borrowing beats buying and creates an awareness of our excessive expense and unnecessary waste.
  • Community engagement key to ‘progress’ of Bangalow
    The Bangalow Progress Association relaunches as the Bangalow Community Association and aims to increase community engagement in 2479, writes Ian Holmes.
  • All work and all play
    Digby Hildreth tunes in with Josh Rippingale of Federal Strings to learn more about crafting and caring for stringed musical instruments.
  • Visible Mending – a jumper’s story
    Di Campbell from the Bangalow CWA shares the threads of an incredible story of a jumper knitted with love in Bosnia and mended with care in Bangalow.
  • Bangalow Historical Society – re-creating a community hub
    Bangalow Historical Society is keen to meet with interested volunteers who’d like to help run the museum once again.
  • Byron Writers Fest comes to Bangalow
    The famous Byron Writers Festival is coming to Bangalow. It is to be held this year at the Bangalow Showground and A&I Hall from 11-13 August.
  • Finding Neverland
    Tricia Shantz has lived in Byron Shire for 40 years, 33 of those in Coorabell. Here she explains the genesis of her book Neverland, a social history that documents the… Read more: Finding Neverland
  • Singing the unspoken
    Set in a fictional coastal town, original new musical New Blood reveals irksome details and inconvenient truths of treechange life.
  • Round the Rotunda we go
    Showground Committee member and Herald stalwart Neville Maloney puts the square peg into the round hole to explain the quirks of Bangalow Showground’s historic rotunda.
  • Bangalow Parklands bridge is back!
    Growing up next door to the weir, Lynn Smith from the Bangalow Parklands Group, knows a thing or two about the history that spans the newly placed bridge.
  • An adventure seeker’s dream
    In June 2020, long-time Bangalow resident Liz Franks (formerly Liz Gander) packed her 2014 Mazda BT50, decked out with a rhino fibreglass canopy, and headed off on the adventure of… Read more: An adventure seeker’s dream
  • Soils ain’t soils
    Carole Gamble dishes all the dirt on Judy Baker and Costa Georgiadis at the Byron Bay Writers Festival.
  • Top deck: Brother Boards
    James Ioannou talks to Sally Schofield about using pesky camphor wood to make works of art.
  • Books back in Bangas!
    The original much-loved mobile library was destroyed in the floods but now a new library van will take its place on Saturday mornings in Bangalow writes Mary Nelson.
  • Slow down for koalas
    A distressing spate of koala fatalities in 2479 reminds us to drive with caution, writes Angela Saurine.