Cabaret BanGala

Cabaret BanGala 2023! What a fantastic evening of entertainment, laughter and community connection. The beautiful A & I Hall was brought to life with a fabulous local crowd, and 21 local acts. Over $15k was raised and will be split towards both Bangalow Theatre Company and the Sellers Family. The BanGala organisers are already looking at dates for 2024, where BanGala will return. Next year we want to see more local businesses step up with an act, and will be having a Community BanGala Conversation Evening early next year to start drumming up some interest. So, if you are a 2479 business and would like your team to perform, get your thinking caps on and keep an eye out for more BanGala announcements.
The Cabaret BanGala Team

All photos Niche Pictures – Lyn McCarthy