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This month’s Herald is a mixed bag of stories that showcase many different perspectives on life in our community. From prize-winning Aussie Idol, Dylan Wright, to new kids on the block, the Gumboots, and a host of arts events, there is so much creative talent right here in our own backyards.
Billycarts and teddy bears give us reason to smile despite a wider world that seems out of control. But there has been trouble in paradise here too, both inside and outside the home. The vexed issue of poor phone reception and internet connectivity highlights our reliance on telecommunications and technology, and the consequences of unreliable services in a regional area.
Outdoors, our lawns are being invaded and destroyed by pests, while a series of petty crimes has shaken our sleepy village into vigilance. Respective experts tell us that both are natural occurrences whose effects are, thankfully, diminishing. Both need care in order to preserve what we cherish—whether that is a manicured lawn, a beloved pet, or the knowledge that we are safe in our own homes.
As a community, we need to know who we can count on when we are not doing OK. Check in on the elderly. Look out for recently arrived neighbours, new parents, the newly diagnosed, the lately bereaved.
For some, like the Singh family, this kind of support is an innate part of life; close familial ties and shared meals nourish and provide strength. For those in 2479 without family close by, we can build our own bonds with neighbours, community groups, and organisations around us. See page 26 for our new section Gather, which offers invitations for everyone to join different
social and support groups.
We’d love to hear more stories about you and your interests, successes, and challenges, so don’t be shy to get in touch.

Sally Schofield

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