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When I was a teenager, I went through a Goth stage. This required wearing lots of black, avoiding the sun, listening to depressing music and sulking in my room. This phase continued for approximately 30 years. I did love the music, and wearing only one colour makes dressing quite straightforward, but the truth was, I often felt self-conscious, and wearing black let me blend in to the background.
But post-COVID, I’ve noticed a change. Maybe The Change? All I know is that in recent times, something has stirred in me. I’ve embraced a concept known as ‘dopamine dressing’.
Dopamine dressing isn’t some kind of psychedelic vinaigrette (but in the right circumstances, I’d give that a crack too). It’s a philosophy of wearing clothes that reflect and project your mood. Vibrant colours, clashing patterns, bold accessories - this look is nothing new to anyone who’s ever attended the Byron Writers Festival. But it’s a new thing for me, this living in colour business. A midlife technicolour transformation, you could say. And I’m quite enjoying it.
The Op Shop is the perfect place to dip your toe into flamboyant fashions that satisfy your mood. Just last week I snaffled a crimson-coloured ankle-length linen (of course) skirt, a mustard yellow and blue patterned top, a metallic teal clutch purse, and a great handful of fabulously vibrant beads. The chaos! The delight! You could practically hear my dopamine bubbling over.
This edition of The Bangalow Herald features many locals who are living (or who have lived) their best lives in magnificent colour - artists, adventurers, thinkers.
So let’s carpe the diem out of this life. And make it bright.

Sally Schofield

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