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  • Run for your life
    Throughout his 20 plus years as a sedentary commercial lawyer Aaron Dower always knew he felt more at peace when communing with nature.  The long hours and demands of managing […]
  • A Rosie outlook
    Anglican priest Rosie Wynter is on a mission to challenge expectations around what a church service is, and what services a church can offer. Arriving in Bangalow in July 2020, […]
  • The music of Tilly Jones
    Deep within the beating heart of the Bangalow Music Festival lies the organisers’ commitment to young people across our region, writes Digby Hildreth. Audiences are in for a rare treat […]
  • Billy carts are go!
    The Billy Cart Derby is one of 2479’s signature social events. Cancelled for the past two years due to COVID, for those new to town, Sally Schofield offers a quick […]
  • Beacon of Hope
    Some people move to the Byron Shire to build a personal palace. Others come to find a pleasant subtropical environment to live, work and raise a family. And there’s another […]
  • The Hounds of Love
    Have you noticed the number of greyhounds in 2479 recently? You may have seen one of these placid, sleek and elegant pooches walking in unison with their owner or hitched […]

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